"This music gives an audio backdrop that would make your eyes want to follow your ears and find the beauty all around" 
The Wild Honey Pie

"Listening to the album became a journey that I found lent itself to a full listen rather than dipping in and out of tracks...Swing demonstrates his vocal prowess with delicate intonation"          
Folk Radio UK

"Like a cold fall night pierces a mountain hollow... Swing's voice rings out over his classical cello strings."  
Stephanie Garcia, The Hook

"Beautifully swelling cello-folk...Wes Swing creates a rich and lilting soundscape that is a sheer joy to explore. Swing crafts an album of surprising grace and beauty."  

"A classically trained musician who began playing violin at the age of 4, Wes Swing is creating a very unique and personal style of music that is unlike most of what I've heard in Charlottesville. By drawing together elements of minimalism and modern classical pieces with expressions of folk that are at times reminiscent of the late Nick Drake, Swing hopes to push upon the boundaries of what defines the singer-songwriter genre."  
Shaun Harvey, The Velvet Rut

"Where a chamber pop artist might adorn a finished song with a series of pizzicatos, or a dramatic glissando, Swing uses these flourishes as a starting point. He utilizes a loop pedal to impressive effect, which allows him to compose, de- and reconstruct a single measure of an orchestra on the fly. This setup tends to lock a songwriter into a repetitive pattern, since all you can do is what you've already done, but Swing subverts these limitations with his lyrics, which are sparse, and loop with subtle repetition along with the music."  
Andrew Cedermark, Cville Weekly

"A string quartet combined with an alt-rock edge. A surprisingly great combination that's very calming."  
Hearsay Magazine

"Wes Swing makes us wish that Damien Rice could collaborate with Bartok, or that Radiohead would get really into Philip Glass. Thankfully, each of his sets scratches the same chamber-pop itch. After a gorgeous, cello-looping set at The Bridge...Swing has us convinced that he has one of the best ears in town, and the fine motor skills to knit a silky melody from any stringed instrument you could put in front of him."  
Cville Weekly

"Wes’ music is nothing short of beautiful...For music that is so perfect in it’s simplicity, I chose the longest way possible to describe it. Wes’ music is thick with texture, it evokes emotion and paints a visual scene with the fewest words possible to build a world you can nearly step into and live inside for the duration of a song."