Wes Swing is a singer, cellist, multi-instrumentalist, and writer from Virginia. His music is best characterized as dream-folk and has been described as a "rich and lilting soundscape.” In live performance, Wes loops his cello and violin, combining layered strings and lyrics imbued with poetry. His musical journey began as a four-year-old violinist, developing an early appreciation for classical music, and finding his true musical love in the cello while at university.


After graduating with a Latin degree, Wes taught for three years before quitting his teaching job and turning to music full time. A love of the classics comes through in his imagist lyrics and arrangements, and his first full length debut album is titled “Through a Fogged Glass.” The album is a landscape of sound, having been written and arranged as one complete work, with the album artwork a landscape painting by Bolanle Adeboye. Swing wrote most of the album in a cabin in the Virginia woods. Since the release of "Through a Fogged Glass" on vinyl and CD, Wes Swing and band have toured throughout the USA and Europe. His music is featured regularly on NPR and by several modern dance companies. He is currently working on two new albums of music (to be released in 2017), and a book of short stories.